Design Services

Rosa Bennett Graphic Design specializes in logo design, branding, packaging, illustration and print design. I work predominantly with independent businesses in and around Vancouver Island, but my reach extends to wherever you are located. If you are looking to build your brand into a smart, rich and refined experience, then you can consider us a match.



“I have experience actively managing and creating for a natural food company everyday, because of this level of involvement, I understand the whole business: what the ceo expects, what sales people expect, what customers demand of us.”

-Rosa Bennett-


Logo Design


A logo represents your business or organization. It can be in the form of a symbol, graphic or word. The logo design process should include research, conceptualization, refining the preferred concept, testing how it works on products and printed goods, and finally adopting and applying it to everything that your business produces and publishes.

Things to consider:

1. Your logo doesn't need to tell your whole story. In fact, it doesn't need to illustrate a darn thing about what you do! It does need to be simple, considerate and memorable.

2. When working with a designer to create your logo, it should be a well thought out process when both expectations and reality come together. Your designer should let you know exactly what to expect during the process. Remember, design is a process and good design needs to take a bit of time to get right.

3. Sometimes you think you want a logo but really all you need is a beautifully typeset word mark. No icon, no graphic but a distinct colour palette and customized typography or hand lettering.


Your Brand In Print


Once your logo is designed, you get to place it on everything you hand out, everything you publish and everything you drive!

  • Business Cards

  • Rack Cards

  • Magazine Ads

  • Brochures

  • Sell Sheets

  • Decals

  • Vehicle Graphics 

Things to consider:

Always use the best images and photos available. Original photos are of course the best choice and sometimes stock photos can work. On certain projects you may want to budget for image licence purchases or for professional photography fees.


Labels & Packaging


A good logo and branding is key to designing labels and packaging for your products. Food product labels need to comply with regulations. Barcodes need to be scannable. Copy should be true and accurate with any claims.

Mock-up images are an invaluable way to see how a label or package will work before you spend the time and money to produce actual printed goods. This can take the form of digital image or a physical prototype depending on budget and time constraints.